Your best Amalfi Coast vacation, trekking and holidays on the Path of the Gods,
in Agerola, on the Amalfi Coast!

Choose your Amalfi Coast vacation, trekking and holidays on the Path of the Gods, in the welcoming Bed and Breakfast La Cascina in Agerola! Book now and discover all the fascinating trekking routes on the Amalfi Coast! Live your vacation in the quiet of nature, romantic venues and breathtaking landscapes. Spend your Amalfi Coast vacation, trekking and holidays in Agerola, the charm of the mountain overlooking the sea, is an oasis of peace situated on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi Coast, behind the Parco dei Monti Lattari.

Agerola is known since antiquity to the amenity of the landscape, clean air, mild climate, the authenticity and tradition of the local cuisine; it is the ideal destination for a pleasant Amalfi Coast holidays, greeted by the warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants, and the best starting point to discover exceptional trekking routes as the Path of the Gods Agerola and the most attractive destinations for Amalfi Coast vacation, seaside tourism discovering culture of the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri Sul Mare, Positano, Sorrento and the islands of Capri and Ischia. To a surprising dip in the past, Agerola is the perfect liaison to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius and Naples, places with extraordinary ancient culture.

Trekking on the Path of the Gods and on the old paths of the Amalfi Republic!

Agerola, country by lush and unspoiled nature, is a popular destination for trekking that attracts hikers from all nationalities. The paths that cross the ancient sheep tracks of the Amalfi Coast, suspended between earth, sea and sky, and the paths that wind among the green lemon trees, are reviving the tourist the extraordinary history of this area, once the crossroads of the most important businesses between the ancient Marine Republic of Amalfi with the countries of the hinterland, but also scenery of mythical battles in Roman times. The most famous is certainly the wonderful Path of the Gods. Here are some of the beautiful paths in the lush landscape of the Amalfi Coast:

Path of the Gods:(length 8 km) journey time 4 hours. Difficulty: It is easy with exposed sections. The path keeps within it all the charm of the name given, from Via Casalone within walking distance from the Bed & Breakfast Cascina or from the square of Bomerano Paolo Capasso and leads to Positano . The information boards give indications of the route and there are 7 reports mileage at intervals of 100 m. At the "Biscotto Cave", which takes its name from the typical bread agerolese reminiscent of the characteristic geological structure of the rock wall, there is a source of drinking water and from here you can observe some ancient ruins of houses stuck in the cave. The route passes through walls, caves, wooded sections and arched cultivated terraces; after Colle Serra, gaze rests on the enchanting view of Sorrento Peninsula until you reach the village of Nocelle (450 m. Above sea level) from where you can take a bus or walk up a flight of stairs in Positano.

Path of Valle delle Ferriere: (5 h, E) from the center of San Lazzaro, continuing Radicosa you take the trail that goes halfway under the M.Murillo until you reach the trail to Pogerola, along a rocky path, a descent steep climb up the side of the valley up to the beautiful waterfalls and the Nature Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere where it grows an endemic species of fern dating from the Tertiary, the Woodwardia radicans, and here you can access by requesting permission from the Forest Service State. You can continue the descent to Amalfi, admiring along the way, the ruins of the ancient foundries and paper mills in the Valley of the Mills which made famous the production of Amalfi's paper.

Path dell'Orrido Pino:(length 5 km) from Via Casalone or from the square of Paolo Capasso in Bomerano you continue along the trail to S. Barbara, and following the path downstream of the cave of the same name( where you can admire the remains of cave dwellings and the monastery of the eleventh century AD), we arrive at the village of Furore; then walking on the road for a stretch until the Schiato path that crosses the river, near a old mill. The trail continues uphill to the hamlet of San Lazzaro di Agerola.

Path of the Three Calli: (length 6 KM DH +400 / -400 m, 5 H, E) along the road that passes through the center of Bomerano the location Pendola, you reach Paipo, where you can see the ruins of the casino Paipo dating back to Bourbon. From here you go up to the saddle of Cape Wall. Then south along the ridge of the mountain Calabrice, you arrive at the Monte Tre Calli. From this area you can enjoy a spectacular view of Agerola and on the Amalfi Coast.

Trail of Sources: (length 5 KM, DH +400 /-400m, T) Starting point: 650 m above sea level. Arrival point for trekkers experts, about 1000 m. Above sea level Duration: 3 hours (short course), 5 hours (full path). The trail crosses paths originate from water sources. The first section of the trail starts from the village of Campora, near the source of water Leggia, and continues along the river Penise, through a lush valley of chestnut trees. Continuing along the path you look at the remains of the Bourbon Powder XVIIIsec. It is possible to reach the sources Fiubana, St. Julian's, Cold Water and Water Vracciara source of high mountain, about 1000 meters above sea level, from here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the bay of Naples and Vesuvius

Path of the Old Republic: (length 4 km) Near the viewpoint of S.Lazzaro there are some stairs that go through the village of Tovere and come to Vettica Minor. Path of Dawn: (length 4km) from the center of S. Lazzaro it continues along the scenic route to Radicosa, then along an old mule stepped leading up to the Monte Murillo, and then go around to the south-east. It therefore comes in the Valley Vocito and looking back to the south you will come to the ruins of the medieval monastery of Cospita.

Path of the Gods Agerola near the Bed Breakfast Cascina
Trekking the Amalfi Coast from Agerola to Positano
Sunset seen from the Path of the Gods Agerola
Trails and walks from the B&B La Cascina from Agerola to Positano
Path of the Gods from Agerola to Positano